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How long does it last?

inkbox lasts between 8 to 18 days, depending on your skin and the area chosen :) This is the time it takes for your skin to naturally regenerate.

Visit our tips page to learn how to get a longer lasting tattoo!
How do you apply the tattoos?
Step 1

OPEN your inkbox kit.

Step 2

PEEL the white backing.

Step 3

PLACE down the tattoo stencil.

Step 4

ZAP the microwave cloth.

Step 5

DAB with the alcohol wipe.

Step 6

PRESS down firmly with the warm cloth.

Step 7

PEEL off the tattoo stencil.

Step 8

RINSE gently with soap and water.

Step 9

ENJOY your inkbox tattoo!

You can also watch our Application video on the How it Works page

Is inkbox safe?

Yes! Our ingredients are based on a fruit that indigenous tribes in the Amazon have been tattooing their skin with for thousands of years. Our ink does not contain PPD or any other toxic chemicals.

For a list of the ingredients please visit here

If you have skin sensitivity or allergies please read the bottom of our tips page to learn how you can test the ink

How do the tattoos look so real?

inkbox tattoos look authentic and last long because our ink sinks into the top layer of your skin (called the epidermis, if you wanna get technical) where it reacts with organic compounds to change your skin’s color.

To see inkbox tattoos in the wild, checkout #inkbox on instagram, or watch some inkbox reviews on YouTube

How does your money back guarantee work?

Whether it is your 1st order, or your 10th, If you don’t love your inkbox tattoo please give us a chance to make it right. Our customer success team will help replace or refund all of our products even after application

Please visit this page for more info, there are a few instructions to follow when reaching out to us!

Can I cancel or return my order?

Inkbox returns / exchanges are handled through our Returns Portal and you can cancel your order anytime before we ship out your tattoo.

Do you ship internationally?

Of course! We have a $9 flat shipping rate anywhere outside Canada or the US.

For International orders, we use USPS First-Class International (Globegistics). Once the package arrives in the destination country, it is handled by the local mail provider (i.e. Royal Mail for U.K., Australia Post for Australia). We encourage customers to follow up with their local post office if they notice a delay in their order (longer than 2 weeks)

For more information, visit our shipping page

What if I don’t have a microwave?

You can heat up the cloth by placing it (fully closed, do not tear the edge) in boiling water for 5 minutes or until warm to the touch.

Are they waterproof?

They are life proof. You can shower, sweat, and go about your day. Our tattoos become your skin, they do not sit on top of it. Once applied, you will not feel them at all.

What if I want to remove it?

The most effective and harm-free method to remove your tattoo is to lightly scrub your skin with an exfoliant, salt water works best! It’s going to take a few sessions for your tattoo to be completely removed. Stop if you feel any discomfort, it’s your skin you’re scrubbing off here!

Are your tattoos vegan and animal cruelty free?

Always have been, always will be.

How is it different from Henna or Jagua?


Natural Henna comes out brown and can take around 2 hours to set. Black Henna contains PPD which is a dangerous chemical for your skin.


inkbox is not Jagua. It only shares one molecular compound with Jagua and we do not use the pulp. Our formula does not require refrigeration and has a one year shelf life.

Read more here!

Don't see your question? Want to reach out to inkbox? Find more information through our Help Center.